The Darkness: Have you ever loved the darkness? Do you love the darkness? What is the darkness bringing to you? What is the benefit? What is the value in it? Are you happy with the sadness that the darkness brings to you? Has it helped develop you positively? Has it hindered you? How has hanging onto an illusion strengthened you? How much of your life has it stripped away? Is the darkness guiding you or just getting in the way? How much of your life are you willing to give away by letting the darkness take away? Tell me one thing about the darkness that is stronger than what you have now. What price do you have to pay in order to get the strength to let it go? What is the purpose of holding on to it? What is the reason or benefit in letting go of it so slowly? Can you define and pinpoint the darkness? What’s more important: Your life or the darkness?

– Joe Tesoro, Jr., 2004