So yeah, my ropes.  I look at all these things that tie me to places that I don’t want to be anymore, as ropes that bind me down.  Ropes are not bad in and of themselves, but they can do a lot of damage if not used effectively.  I once said to someone “when you get to the end of your rope, start climbing to the other end”.  I mean we have choices, right?  We can either let go of the rope or we can use that rope as another tool to help us climb to where we want to be.

I started discovering Sunday, during the course of my purge party, that I have been hanging on to things (physically and emotionally) for longer than they have been useful.  Every time I would keep something it was from the approach of “oh, I have to keep this so that it will protect me sometime in the future”.  And that mentality entered my brain when I was still a teenager or early 20’s.  And you know something: Living my life now using the “technology” that I developed back then is really an ineffective way to grow towards something healthier and happier and freer.

A long time ago I was introduced to the concept of “updating” things, opinions, results, memories, etc.  I truly believe and see the value in updating things so that they coincide with where we are now — and where we want to go.  This is a big motivator behind my FB post the other day on the subject of me being done being “me”.  Being “me” is what has been, well, keeping me, “me”.  I am happy to be me in the now and not the “me” that kept me tied to my ropes.  There is so much more beauty in this life, and through change, I can feel the beauty coming back into my life….

– Joe Tesoro, Jr.