Let me tell you something about love,
Love is a very personal thing,
Love means many different things to many people,
Love comes into us in a manner that we don’t always understand,
Love is what everyone searches for,
Love is sometimes a burden,
Love is a burden and those that realize it will know how to make it work,
The burden is not always on others; it is on us to not make it a burden on them,
Telling someone you love them can be very scary, and that puts a heavy burden on them if they are not ready for it – just as going for a kiss is if they are not ready for it,
It’s about pace,
It’s about patience,
Some people think that just because they feel or have love they need to let the other in on it,
I don’t think that anyone really admits that love can be a selfish thing,
Nobody looks at love through the other’s eyes…at least not often enough