Our feelings are loaded with information that we give to ourselves and to other people (and even animals).

But those loaded feelings have consequences.  How we feel affects how we are feeling.  How we feel affects everything we do or believe or what we stand for. Sometimes our feelings provide us with inaccurate information.

When we walk around storing our feelings for days or weeks at a time, it affects how we interact with ourselves and with other people, whether at work or play.  Until one day we decide that it is time to let the other in on how we feel — and that’s when the slippery slope, and control starts to happen.  Someone tells us that they don’t like how we react to something, or what  we said or did. Now the other person has a choice on how they react to our reactions or what we said or did, or even our energy.  They get to decide how they interact, or react, to their own information relating to any outside stimulus.  They can ignore outside energy, or they can store how they feel about that stimulus, and then choose how they are going to treat the environment surrounding that stimulus

Feelings are about information, but they are also about control.

When someone tells us that they don’t like what we said or did, and they expect us to change whatever surrounds that, they are really implementing control. They are asking us to change, so that they can stay the same. We have to keep in mind that we do the same to other people…I know I do