How many times have we had all we have ever wanted, and yet we didn’t fully absorb the beauty of it.  It’s not that we didn’t appreciate it while we had it — it’s just that we could have, or rather, should have done a better job letting it be known that we were happy to have it.  And when this beauty (a friend, family member, relationship) slips away, they may never fully know what they meant to you.  Take it from someone that has watched beauty come and go too many times in his life…when you have all that you ever wanted, let it be known that they are all you ever wanted.  Don’t ever let yourself get overcome with any nonsense that gets in the way of opening your mind, emotional content, and heart to another that you love. Loneliness and heartbreak lasts infinitely longer than the temporary nonsense in your head that you think needs to be expelled from your mouth. Now go cherish all that you ever wanted… – JCT