JCT: I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for being so resistant to this form of communication.  I just realized something about myself that has nothing to do with you.  Sometimes you rapid fire stuff so fast that I don’t have a chance to process and answer it before thinking about your next one coming in.  That’s a flaw in ME and not you.  I’m sorry for not giving your input more of a chance to process in me before reacting or wondering what’s coming next.    I hope I can do better.

VL: Now i’m crying!!! I’m sorry too.  Sometimes I can sense that I’m overwhelming you, but I continue to push anyway and I need to not do that if I expect to have you hear me.  I KNOW this and yet I still do it.  I’m so sorry.

(In a conversation with my good friend Vanessa.  She’s teaching me a lot about how to interact with people — especially ones you care about).