Year: 2017

When Choice Is All We Have Left, What Do We Do When It Is Taken Away?

We hear all the time that we always have a choice.  And that’s true — for the most part.  We don’t have a choice when we get sick or hurt. Or we don’t have a choice when someone we loves gets sick, or gets hurt, or dies.  We don’t have a choice when someone decides to exercise their choices in life.  We can still choose how we interact within someone else’s choice to voice how they feel they know what is best for us. But when we are sick, hurt, or on our death bed and the only choices...

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Feelings are about information…and about control

Our feelings are loaded with information that we give to ourselves and to other people (and even animals). But those loaded feelings have consequences.  How we feel affects how we are feeling.  How we feel affects everything we do or believe or what we stand for. Sometimes our feelings provide us with inaccurate information. When we walk around storing our feelings for days or weeks at a time, it affects how we interact with ourselves and with other people, whether at work or play.  Until one day we decide that it is time to let the other in on...

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What Are We Beyond Our Reactions?

What are we beyond our reactions?  That is a question I asked  my dad recently; also asked it to my best friend when we were talking about reactions/responding. Have you ever thought about this?  If not then think about what our reactions say about us.  Think about how our reactions affect others.  Think about how our reactions affect us. Think about what the purpose of reactions are, and what they are designed to do. What do we gain with reactions? What do we lose with reactions? What are we accomplishing with reactions? I’ve spent a lifetime surrounded by reactions,...

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31 Days of Letting Go…

It is so easy to say “Just let it go”. It really is an easy concept, but so much more difficult to apply. We get into these patterns of collecting things, collecting emotions, collecting feelings, collecting hurt, collecting grudges, collecting bitterness, collecting fear.

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