Month: April 2011


I’ve learned that if I don’t look at the realities of what’s in front of me now, I’ll never do it.  And the reality is that’s not healthy – JCT

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Believing perspective….

I do think it’s important to get other perspectives of someone else and not just glue ourselves to our own. HOWEVER, I think it’s vitally important that the only perspective we believe on how a person is feeling is their own.  If someone says they love us, we should believe them; especially if they demonstrate that love. I think we should never discount someone’s own perspective on how they feel about us.  Sure, it’s up to us what we do with that perspective, but at least believe them if they are sincere… –...

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It’s interesting how we choose animals. In some ways I think it’s the same thing that causes us to be “attracted” to the one person that we want to spend our life with.  When my dad and I went to pick out his dog at the shelter, we went through a bunch of them before finding Emma.  She’s a min. pin./Chihuahua mix. She was so timid and scared and at first we weren’t sure it was the right choice. But now that he’s had her for years, he can’t imagine picking any other dog… – JCT...

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I often hear people say that they like to travel the world, etc because it gives them a different perspective on life and people. I’ve also often wondered as to how many different perspectives does one need in order to gain their own perspective… –...

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